Cosmetic Teeth Changes

When’s the last time you saw someone with some sort of modification to their appearance that made you stop and actually look at them? It could’ve been some extremely apparent tattoos on the face. It could’ve been some sort of wild piercing. Perhaps they even altered their skin in some fashion.

Body modifications are not a common practice, but they are in other cultures or in counter culture in our society. To alter your appearance drastically is a statement, but it usually comes at a cost: irreversible changes and oftentimes costly expenditures.

When it comes to teeth, there are actually two pretty extreme modifications that you have likely seen somewhere on the internet or on TV. While one is part of the “extreme modifications” that seem counter culture or part of a different culture, the other is quite common and something that may be hard to spot on someone.

Sharpened teeth.

Here’s the first that you’ve probably seen advertised on some sort of “lizard man” out there that has not only changed their teeth but also their skin color and nails.

Teeth sharpening is quite common in some cultures around the world, whether they’re for ritualistic purposes or otherwise. But sharpening one’s teeth in our modern society is a statement: like the lizard man, it’s to completely change your look or even personality. Most often, the incisors are sharpened to the point of looking like your canines, and sometimes even sharper. This does end up affecting how you eat and how your mouth feels in a resting state, though.


Another common teeth altering practice, veneers are often for improving the looks of your teeth when they’re crooked beyond repair or you simply have the money to throw at brand new “perfect” teeth.

Veneers work like this: a dentist files down the teeth that will be modified. (Sounds like the above process, doesn’t it?) The reason your teeth need whittled down is so that the veneers (or dental “caps”) can fit over the nubs remaining. From here, they’re glued, in a way, to your filed down teeth so that they stick on and cannot come off.

Ultimately, teeth modification is a pretty extreme form of alteration in that teeth are considered permanent structures that are hard to replace without significant surgery or money. So, if you’re thinking about altering your teeth, give it some serious thought beforehand. You don’t want to regret it!