We have created this blog to provide easily tips to main general oral health.

Perhaps we want to increase our knowledge, so we vow to read more books and attend a few conferences. Maybe we’re looking to cut out negative things in our life like smoking or drinking, so we say we’re going to cut back each month.

More often than not, new year’s resolutions are tied to our health. We want to lose weight, get in shape, eat better, gain mass, and strive for other physical (even tangible) results.

What about the health of our teeth? That’s something we could strive to be better about, and it also produces visible results. Perhaps we want our teeth to be a bit whiter, a bit straighter, and overall just healthier.

Here are a few things you should put on your list of resolutions to aid the overall health of your teeth.

Brush twice a day.

Let’s start small and ramp up into the harder things. So many of us do not abide by this dental standard. A lot of us may be good about brushing in the morning to mask any bad breath before going into work, but this is the wrong reason to be brushing your teeth.

You need to make sure you’re brushing your teeth thoroughly for the right reason: removing plaque and bits of food that have become lodged between your teeth. Doing this once a day simply isn’t enough, so be sure to crack down on your nightly routine, too. It’ll take awhile to build up this habit, but you’ll be able to set a good foundation for yourself if you tackle this early.

Floss once a day.

We’re building it up. We’re getting there. Once you’ve really got the hang of brushing in the morning at night (and in the middle of the day if you want!), it’s time to incorporate a strict flossing routine. This only needs done once a day, so pairing it with your morning or night routine would be just fine. It only adds another few minutes to your regimen, so why not throw it in with whatever time of day you’ve been practicing brushing already?

Take a leap on a procedure you’ve been needing.

Whether this is a teeth whitening, having cavities filled, or even correcting the alignment of your teeth, think about finally going in to have it done. It’s now or never, really. By the time you’re a few months in to your new routine, you’ll likely be feeling confident about it all and want to do even more for your dental health. Set up an appointment with your dentist to get your standard cleaning and checkup done, and talk with them about the possibility of doing whatever it is you’ve been thinking about having done. They’ll work with you.

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